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The Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC as it is more commonly known, is not new - nor is the idea of secured transactions. Over the years, the complexity of the filing, search and notification process has buried credit professionals in a mountain of paperwork.  As a result, full service UCC filing firms have evolved to lighten this burden ... all at the substantial cost to the secured party. In these uncertain economic times companies must increase revenues while controlling costs. While filing security agreements can increase sales, it can also increase costs.

O'Cieran & Middlebrook, Inc. was founded to provide its clients with prompt, efficient filing of UCC documentation while saving them money. We offer as much as 30% to 60% savings over the other companies. Each UCC order receives individual attention and is thoroughly checked and monitored through each stage of the secured transaction process.

O'Cieran & Middlebrook, Inc. offers clients the latest computer technology utilized by personnel with 22 years of computer application experience including word processing, database management and spreadsheet accounting. Our UCC, Credit and Collection knowledge is backed by a Doctorate in Law and 12 years of experience.

Choosing a qualified filing firm for your company is one of the most important decisions you must make. O'Cieran & Middlebrook can help you make sure that it is a wise decision. With our skilled professionals and depth of experience, O'Cieran & Middlebrook can give you the advantage you need to do business in this rapidly changing environment.

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