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Published in: Creditworthy News
Date: 1/7/00

An old friend has departed. The "19" which we have relied upon since birth
now gives way to a new and untried association. It is now year 2K, the final year in the 20th Century and the gateway into the 21st.

Many volumes of history has been made, not only in the improvement in the quality of life both in the workplace and home, but we have also been witness to the worst and the best of times in the upbuilding of the human race.

Great things have been accomplished since the "19" came into general use. Communication, technology, discoveries of our past just to name a few of the many things we have improved upon and realized.

Each new dawning brings a feeling of excitement as we continue to venture forth into a time where no man has gone before. Unlike H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury and others, we have experienced that it is possible for dreams, visions and imagination to become reality.

The only certainty we know the 21st Century promises is that we will not see it through to the 22nd. Therefore, I propose that we resolve to make our remaining time in the 21st as complete as possible whether it be business, community or family.

I wish you prosperity, happiness and peace.

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