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Business Education Services, a division of 3JM Company, offers two types of business credit seminars - an On Site Seminar and a Telephone Seminar.  David Balovich has been conducting seminars throughout North America for over 30 years on topics including credit analysis; collections; financial statement analysis; negotiation and legal aspects of credit & collections. David has over 35 years experience in business and financial management. See below for information on each.

On Site Seminar

Business Education Services offers a wide range of business and commercial credit seminars in half-day, one day or multi-day formats, custom tailored to meet your organization's needs.  Popular presentations in the U.S. and Canada have included:

Balance Sheet Analysis Legal Aspects of Credit & Collections
Bankruptcy Managing Priorities
Collections Negotiating
Conflict Resolution Performance Appraisals
Credit Risk Analysis Ratio Analysis
Customer Service Secured Transactions
Effective Communications Uniform Commercial Code
Financial Statement Analysis Value Based Leadership

The above topics can be combined for presentation in one day or multi-day formats.

Telephone Seminars

Business Education Services also offers a Telephone Seminar for those seeking an alternative to the time and expense of attending an outside program.

Invest time in a telephone seminar of your choosing and improve your knowledge and performance. You choose the topics to be discussed.


  • Two hour minimum - not an entire day out of the office.
  • Program tailored to your specific needs - you choose the content.
  • You choose the time - program available Monday thru Thursday between 7am - 7pm CST. 
  • No expenses for travel or meals. 
  • Get all your specific questions answered

  If you were to attend a seminar there would be many attendees from different companies and industries. The information other attendees are seeking may not be the same as your interests. Therefore, the speakers' presentation would be of a general nature. Depending on the number of attendees, questions may or may not be accepted. Many times the same question is asked several times. Often when the opportunity to ask a question comes along, you have waited so long to ask your question you have forgotten it. It is not unusual for the information you came specifically to learn is never addressed.

The Seminar

You choose the topics you want covered and email the topics to be discussed to us two weeks before the scheduled date of the program. We will assemble the information into a workbook and send that out to you so that you can follow along as we discuss the information. On the day of the program you contact us at the scheduled time and the program begins.

If you are not sure of topics we can email you a list of topics to assist you in putting your program together.

Your Investment

Modern communication technology can bring this seminar right into your office with a capital investment of nothing more than a telephone.

Programs unique to your association, industry group or organization can also be offered in formats of your choosing.  Please contact us by phone or email for more information.

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