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Title: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Management
Published in: Creditworthy News
Date: 4/22/03
Some of the most basic concepts never change but often they become lost in the pursuit of success.

Throughout the years Iíve obtained or read just about every written theory about what makes a successful manager or organization. I have Coveyís The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and even went so far, several years ago, to become a certified trainer in this theory.  Iíve read and tried to put into practice Creating & Motivating A Superior Loyal Staff and have recommended to clients the resource, Managing Workplace Negativity when trying to motivate and lead.

I have, however, now come across the ultimate resource to successful management. It not only contains invaluable advice but also provides an answer to every dilemma. It holds the promise of making every individual thrive and every business flourish.

The information provided eliminates the need to ever attend another management seminar as it provides information on subjects including, but not limited to, ethics, responsibility and communication in less then ten pages compared to most books of three hundred or more pages (Covey takes 340 pages to talk about 7 habits).

Consider these basic suggestions:

  • Speak for yourself. Not anybody else.

  • Listen to others first. Then theyíll listen to you.

  • Take charge of yourself. You are responsible for you.

  • Show respect. Every person is important.

I stumbled across this phenomenal resource while visiting at a friendís home. While sitting in the entertainment room I spied a pamphlet on the coffee table entitled YMCA House Rules. As soon as I began thumbing through it I heard echoes from the seminars Iíve provided and the books lining my office walls. My friendís involved in coaching his daughterís softball team this year and the guidebook, prepared by the Y, is provided to coaches, parents and participants.

I mentally made a few word changes (coach equals manager, player becomes employee) and shazam I was holding the ultimate in management self-help books. Consider this excerpt: Cooperative-style coaches give direction and provide instruction when it is needed, but they also know when to let players make decisions and assume responsibility. Your players will show more respect and be more willing to listen if they know that you are genuinely interested in their opinions.

Since finding this gem Iím changing recommendations to clients and seminar participants who ask me for resource materials. There is so much practical information written simply and to the point that not only makes sense but is also the right thing to do. As the Y notes in its section on competition, striving to win is essential to enjoyable competition, but winning at all costs leads to an acceptance of cheating. What companies or individuals come to your mind after reading that simple passage?

My office bookshelves are not as crowded as they once were. This ten-page pamphlet has replaced numerous management self-help books that donít even come close to identifying the solutions found in this basic publication. I am, however, going to add another book and place it next to this one as soon as I can locate my old Boy Scout Handbook.

I wish you well.

This information is provided as information only and not legal advice. Legal advice should be obtained from a competent, licensed attorney, in good standing with the state bar association.

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