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Published in: Creditworthy News
Date: 4/22/99

As any consultant worth their salt will tell you, when discovering you are riding a dead horse, the best course of action is to dismount. Many modern organizations, however, insist on trying other strategies. For this, my colleagues and I are forever grateful because without this insistence we would probably be in the same fix as starving artists.

Recently, I was reminded of this insistence when I happened across a list of those "other strategies" that organizations are prone to try rather then dismount the cadaver. I found it rather amusing and hope that you do as well. There were many and below are listed the top five beginning with number five and working down to number one.

5. Hire an external consultant to show how the dead horse can still be ridden.

4. Declare that "No horse is too dead to ride".

3. Declare the dead horse to be more cost effective then a live one.

2. Form a committee to find uses for dead horses.

And the number one resolution:

1. Promote the dead horse to a position of greater responsibility.

Identify the "dead horse" issues in your organization and bury them. Only
then will productivity and efficiency be realized. This will require making

I wish you well.

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