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Date: 6/28/98

The past few weeks I have been receiving requests for time management seminars. This is one of those topics that come up semi annually especially as summer approaches and the problem comes up how can we continue our productivity with fewer people.

There are a lot of books that will tell you how to use charts, organizers and schedules to manage time more efficiently.  I suggest you purchase one of them if you must, it matters not which one as they are all the same. However, before you run off to purchase the most current edition of the great "time saver" let me share with you some ideas that will allow you to get much more done in less time then it takes to read the book:

Whenever possible avoid formal meetings. Hall meetings can be very efficient.

Hire workers who are more capable than you and delegate as much as work as is humanly possible.

Don't just close your door when reprimanding somebody----close it for several hours each day to establish a pattern. When the door is closed use the time to clear as much as possible off your desk.

Respond to letters and memos by writing an answer on the original and returning it rather than drafting a new memo. Keep a photocopy for your files.

Get to the office early when you have extra work to do. You'll accomplish more before the rest of the office shows up then you ever will by staying late.

If you have to have meetings, set firm time limits. When participants realize you really mean to end one hour meetings after one hour, they will hustle to cover their points quickly. Also start meetings on time. If people are not their on time and walk in after the meeting is in progress they will be on time for the next meeting.

Decide what to do with any document the moment you put your hands on it. Move it to an appropriate file or give it to somebody else to act upon.

Return calls in bulk rather then as each one come in. It is much easier and more productive to return several calls at an appropriate time. Your voice mail message should indicate the time when you will return the call. This eliminates "telephone tag" which eats up alot of the day.

Take a break. Everyone should get out of the office for at least 20 minutes every day. Just "getting away" makes everything fresh upon your return.


If you are doing the same thing the same way every day then it becomes work and you are not having any fun. Each day should present a new opportunity and be challenging, then you are having fun. Look at what it is that you do and ask yourself how can I do this differently? Just changing your routine can produce more productivity.

You don't really need to but if you have nothing else to do, go ahead and buy the book the author needs the money. Just remember this, the hours in the day do not increase or decrease. The difference in time is how wisely we use it.

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