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Date: 6/2/99

Am I the only one confused by the job titles given to those in our profession? What is the difference between credit representative, credit analyst, credit manager? It seems that in the majority of companies there is no real difference it is whatever the company chooses it to be. Is there any difference between a credit representative and a senior credit representative?

I would think there should be but it does not seem to be the case. Should a credit representative be compensated as much as a credit manager? I reviewed the job titles and descriptions of the offerings through the Robert Half agency in the recent edition of "Business Credit" the magazine published by the National Association of Credit Management. It totally confused me.

There was a position for a collection manager, responsible for collecting the A/R and reporting to senior management, the compensation was reported to be 60K.There was a credit and collection representative responsible for credit investigation, credit approval & collections; the compensation was reported at 45K.There was a retail credit position in which the organization wanted commercial experience with a reported compensation of 80K.

How about the credit managers position, requiring a CCE credential and only asking for three years experience. Have the standards for obtaining the CCE been lowered since I received the designation back in 1979?Now before you begin e-mailing me, I realize compensation has alot to do with geographic area, size of the company and number of accounts. But, really why can't the titles and responsibilities not be standardized. 

We speak of credit & collections as a profession but the reality is the majority of those in credit and collections meet one of the following:One person operation

Have other responsibilities other then credit & collections 
Compensation is less the 35K annuallyJob descriptions, titles and compensation are not going to change unless we in the profession create the titles and responsibilities in written form and present them to management and human resources. E-mail me your thoughts and I will share them with our readers.

I wish you well.

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