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Business Bankruptcy Information
Business bankruptcies will normally account for the majority of business bad debt losses. This page provides information about this important subject.
Bankruptcy News & Reports
U.S. BankruptcyData - Headlines
Bankruptcy Information
Canada Commercial Bankruptcy
Office Superintendent of Bankruptcy
The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy helps ensure that bankruptcies and insolvencies are carried out in a fair and orderly manner.
Bankruptcy Predictor
This Bankruptcy Predictor has proven to have an accuracy rate of over 88% for small businesses and an accuracy rate of over 83% for very large businesses
Statistics , Canada Bankruptcy
The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy is pleased to introduce its enhanced statistics site. This site represents a significant addition in depth and breadth to our existing Internet statistics.
U.K. UK Bankruptcy & Insolvency
The best Insolvensy site in the UK
U.S. Bankruptcy Dictionary
Bernstein's Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terminology
Bankruptcy Glossary
Bankruptcy Research
Creditworthy has undertaken an informal research project to list and show stock charts and selected financial information on public companies who have gone bankrupt.  The stock charts will display up to 3 years of prices and the financial information will go back as far as 7 years.  The hope is that by looking back, we will be able to spot trends and info that will help us identify future bankrupt companies.   
Bankruptcy Statistics
ABI keeps up-to-date statistics on bankruptcy filings.
U.S. Bankruptcy Code - An Overview
Title 11 - U.S. Bankruptcy Code
Cornell University Law school's webpage on Title 11..

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